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Discover a wide range of virtual servers and explore possibilities given by the latest Cloud Technology Solutions, at the Exea Cloud Services.

Find out how much the Exea Cloud Services can contribute to your company. Advanced Configuration Tools provide you a full control over your servers, therefore it takes only few moments for you to change any personal settings.

With a view to IT business projects we created the Exea SaaS Laboratory, which allows us to offer you different types of support adapted to your specific needs, such as: giving you an access to our infrastructure, providing expert counselling or proffering you several different cooperation models.

You do not have to invest in your own infrastructure. We enable you access to advanced technology, so that there is no need for purchasing and maintaining physical servers. Within few moments you can enjoy having your own, adapted to your needs, virtual server.


You only pay for what you use. Therefore your enterprise is low-cost-oriented. Our model of services allows you to choose your own configurations matching your needs. This allows you to fully use your resources and eliminates the necessity to pay for computing power, that you do not have to use.


A massive computing power is at your service. Having access to our powerful Data Centre gives you possibilities, like you never had before.  We give you certainty that you will always be able to respond to the changing situation.


You get full flexibility. We provide the maximum of scalability. At any moment you can change service settings, depending on your needs. You can concentrate on your current necessities instead of purchasing redundant resources.


Your data security is guaranteed. Exea Cloud Services provides IT services safely. The latest technologies along with tiered security system, provide proper protection of your data.


You can easily manage your services. Exea Cloud Services ensure simplicity of  its usage. You get administrative panel allowing you to smoothly change your service settings. Therefore you can rapidly respond to changes in a demand for resources.


Exea Cloud Services
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