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Exea Data Center is the first modern data center in Poland, designed and adjusted for the Cloud Computing solutions, which are considered as the future of the ICT industry.

We were the first in Poland to put into effect an idea of a data cetner created particularly for Cloud solutions. Therefore we can offer a full spectrum of services cheaper, faster and more efficiently. Our solutions are based on technologies and know – hows of world leaders in ICT sector. Strategic partnership gives us an access to the latest news from the industry, letting us offer our clients broad possibilities of gaining competitive edge.

­Exea Data Center

Exea Data Center occupies a space of over 4 700 square meters and includes 4 independent rooms able to accommodate 320 full-size racks. There are fireproof brick walls, no windows and no additional floors above. The cold air is drawn directly into servers, using PAC (precision air conditioning) system with a free cooling technology. Exea Data Center is equipped with smoke detectors and fire alarm system along with automatic gaseous fire suppression system.

Physical safety is provided by 24- hour Security with an Access Control System and surveillance system throughout the Technology Park, in which Exea Data Center is located. Additionally there is a separate procedure to access the building, with a physical and biometric security plus the 24/7/365 surveillance system.

Energy security is provided by an efficient Three- Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply system, with an automatic switchover to its own power supply system, capable to run for the minimum of 96 hours.  Power supply connected to two independent substations through two different circuits with an option to install a sub-meter.

Secure and prestigious location in the Torun Technology Park. Exea Data Center is a part of the Innovation Centre, a Grade-A office building offering over 8 700 square meters of space. Moreover, there are no potentially dangerous objects in the neighbourhood.



Exea Data Center
87-100 Toruń, ul. Włocławska 167 56 699 54 00

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